• About Beecell E commerce solutions
    Beecell can help you move your offline sales
    business to online, by creating an E-commerce
    platform containing your inventory of products,
    with creative attractive designs, and connect you
    to billing and shipping gateway to help you expand
    your business even across borders.

Solutions Details:
1- E commerce solution managed by the business owner

Setting up an online store that is customized to your products and services.

Integration of the store with your current CRM/ERP systems, payment, and shipping setup.

Digital Marketing strategy and execution.

Provide all supporting services needed for launching a successful eCommerce business including product photography, delivery logistics, and training.

2- 58 eCommerce Solution
58 solution is created for small businesses that do not want to be involved in the eCommerce cycle except for delivering orders
Beecell Provides:
A fully developed eCommerce solution.
Digital Marketing.
Moderate and track orders.
Moderate social media platforms.
Customer services (Facebook messages and emails).
Send ready order to the client for delivery.
We will prepare the client list and orders by 5pm. The orders should be delivered by the businesses to the customers by 8pm
Received orders
Order shipped
5 pm
8 pm
Watch video for more information about 58 solution

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