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With Beecell connectivity, digital content and digital service providers can quickly enable mobile billing services and expand their revenue streams by accessing over 40 operators in more than 23 countries in the MENA region and Africa. Beecell has a proven track record of launching successful mobile billing services in collaboration with service providers in both regional and international markets.

Premium SMS:

Premium SMS is a mobile billing method that allows consumers to pay for digital services by sending or receiving a SMS message to or from a premium short code defined with the mobile network operator. It is a simple, quick and effective payment mechanism for consumers, particularly if they do not have a credit card.

Mobile Wallets:

Mobile Wallets is another trusted convenient method for users as to purchase different type of Digital Services & Mobile Services.

Content Production:

Through our sister company Tomandora that specializes in producing creative animations and video content, we are able to produce localized content for various platforms and audiences including social media content, video production, animation, podcasting, and other media formats. Tomandora has a team of skilled professionals, such as writers, editors, graphic designers, animators, videographers, and producers, who work together to create high-quality and engaging content. For more information, please visit:


Mobile Applications:

Beecell creates a broad selection of mobile applications for infotainment, socializing, entertainment, and video streaming that cater to various age groups. These applications offer both free and premium content, and users can conveniently subscribe and pay for the premium features using their mobile phone balance. Beecell's applications are accessible through both Google Play for Android and Apple's App Store for iOS. Sample of the mobile applications developed by Beecell:

  • so2alak

    is a mobile application that allows users to ask questions in different categories. Unlike other similar application, so2alak allows users to ask questions through text, image, or video. Subject matter experts using the application are able to answer user questions within their field of expertise. So2alak is a social mobile application with user generated content.

  • qanati

    is a platform that enables users to access a wide variety of video content, including movies, TV shows, and original programming. This mobile applications allow users to stream content in real-time or download it for later viewing, making it easy for users to watch their favorite shows and movies on their own schedule.

Content Portals:

Beecell offers content through multiple portals. These portals offer in-house produced content as well as third party licensed content.

  • kazoz

    is Digital Content Store than supports the consumption of all content formats including Mobile Applications, VOD, and Music. The store is fully customizable and can be offered as a white label product. Kazoz is offered as a web portal and as a stand-alone mobile application.

  • mawaheb

    Mawaheb is an innovative e-learning platform that enables children between the ages of 6 and 18 to explore their interests, develop new skills, and unlock their potential. This is accomplished by providing a wide range of educational and entertaining online courses presented in the form of videos. Children can learn at their own pace and in an interactive manner, away from rote learning, through an advanced platform specialized in learning management systems. The content is rich and produced by Beecell in collaboration with a group of the most talented experts in each field of specialization


Al-Khaznah is a gaming platform that is accessible through the web. It provides users with the ability to play a variety of games and participate in multiple competitions across various categories, with the added opportunity to win valuable prizes. Our platform also utilizes mobile billing connectivity, in addition to other payment methods such as mobile wallets and pre-paid vouchers and credit cards.

Digital Advertising:

Our full-service digital marketing department specializes in creating customized strategies to help our clients reach their full potential customer base. We offer a range of services including digital advertising, SEO, website conversion tracking, driving traffic, converting visitors, and measuring effectiveness to deliver real results. Whether you want to increase website traffic, boost conversions, or build your brand's online presence, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Ecommerce digital transformation:

Beecell can assist you in transitioning your offline sales business to an online platform through a few simple steps. By creating an e-commerce platform that showcases your inventory of products with attractive designs, we can help you gain access to and establish a wider market presence. Additionally, we can connect you to billing and shipping gateways to help you efficiently distribute your products and expand your business beyond borders.

After your eCommerce store has been built, we will help you drive traffic to your store and start generating revenues through our Digital Advertising experts.

Social Media Management:

Ensure your digital presence is always up-to-date with our comprehensive social media management services. We design all your announcements and news with creative, eye-catching visuals and post them on specific timelines. From creating your business account to managing successful campaign performance and measuring results, we provide end-to-end support to ensure your digital presence is optimized and effective.

Bulk SMS:

Through our advanced bulk SMS platform, businesses and organizations are able to send a large volume of text messages simultaneously to a list of mobile phone numbers. This service is used for promotional and informational purposes, such as sending updates, alerts, reminders, notifications, and marketing messages to customers, clients, employees, or members of a particular group. Through our web-based platform, you can send your SMS messages to a contact list immediately or based on a pre-defined schedule.


Mawaheb is an innovative e-learning platform that enables children between the.....
Content Management System (CMS) that allows content entry for SMS, MMS and ....
Service Delivery Platform (SDP) which is a complete solution for the management .....
A2P, or application-to-person messaging, is any kind of traffic in which a person is .....
BeeClicks is all in one software tracking system for digital advertising activities .....
Through twirl.mobi , Beecell offers a Digital Store that enables customers to .....


Offer Seamless Mobile Solutions
Beecell Launches Innovative Digital Store "TWIRL"


Amman, Jordan – Beecell, a pioneering digital media services company, proudly announces the launch of its innovative online platform, TWIRL (www.twirl.mobi). This cutting-edge digital store is set to redefine users’ engagement with mobile top-ups, gaming cards, and gift vouchers, enhancing convenience and accessibility for customers.

Designed to be a one-stop platform, Twirl caters to the modern lifestyle needs of consumers by offering two primary services: mobile top-up, and gifts and game cards. Within the realm of mobile top-up, Twirl features an automatic monthly top-up transfer, providing users with the convenience of setting up recurring transfers to designated mobile numbers, allowing for an effortless recharging experience, and ensuring seamless connectivity for families, and loved ones and uninterrupted communication.

Twirl’s second feature, gifts and games cards, offers an extensive array of gaming cards and gift vouchers, catering to the diverse interests of users. Whether it's treating a friend to their favorite online game or surprising a loved one with a special gift, Twirl's wide selection promises to deliver joy and excitement on all occasions.

"As technology continues to reshape our lives, Beecell remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance connectivity and convenience," said Bashar Hantouli, Beecell CEO. "With Twirl, we are excited to offer a digital store that simplifies mobile top-ups and adds a touch of delight to the gifting experience. Our innovative auto monthly transfer feature further solidifies our commitment to empowering users."

It is worth mentioning, Beecell is a leading Digital Media company. The company produces, packages, publishes, and markets Digital Media products and services. Beecell has direct mobile operator connectivity in 23 countries reaching over 375 million mobile subscribers.Beecell product and service offerings include, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), Content Management and Aggregation, Service Delivery Platform (SDP), Content Management System (CMS), Digital Content Production, Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android), and Mobile Advertising.

Expanding Outreach
“Beecell” Launches Direct Carrier Billing Services in South Africa


Amman, Jordan (September 2022) Beecell company recently announced that it is broadening the scope of its services to provide billing services via mobile phone operators – Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) – in the South African market. The 54 billion dollars valued billing service in global markets, is an advanced payment service that enables users to carry out purchase operations through their mobile phones.

This expansion in reach and services stems from Beecell’s firm desire to keep pace with the latest technological advancements in the field of payment through mobile operators. It is also considered to be part of the company’s strategic plans to expand into the South and Central African markets, and to continue to provide efficient, world class services to mobile operators, electronic game developers, application developers, and content service providers.

It is worth noting that the South African market is considered to be one of the promising markets where it encompasses around 100 million mobile phone subscribers, in addition to a vast array of possibilities for growth and advancement. It also includes a number of operator networks such as Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telecom.

Beecell; one of the leading companies in the field of digital media, specializes in a variety of digital media products like electronic payment solutions (Direct Carrier Billing – DCB), digital wallets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, production of digital content incuding television production as well as 2D and 3D animations, content management services, digital advertising, and digital transformation. Through Beecell’s main office and its partners in 22 countries, Beecell is able to reach more than 300 million subscribers in mobile phone services in the MENA region.

In Partnership with Zain Jordan
Beecell Collaborates with Zain Jordan on Smart SMS Service


June 2021, Amman – Jordan: Beecell, a leading Digital Media company in Jordan, has recently launched an elevated generation of smart SMS services, in collaboration with Zain Jordan. Smart SMS Services are considered to be the most technologically advanced messaging exchanges systems, having replaced the more traditional SMS messaging, in an efficient and up-to-date tactic.

This unique service has been developed by Thales Group, and is being provided by Beecell, which enables users to receive messages in real time, with an automatic vanish mode subsequent to the recipient reading the message, unlike a traditional SMS, which are stored on phones. In addition, users can also choose to interact through an instant reply option, which provides an ideal solution for surveying messages and other commercial uses.

“Smart SMS services are considered to be the most technologically advanced ways of interacting with customers,” commented Bashar Al Hantuoli Chief Executive Officer at Beecell. “Users bypass the need for short codes and subscription requests and can respond with a click of a button. We at Beecell are very proud to be launching one of the most sophisticated digital solutions, with industry leaders such as Zain Jordan and Thales Group.”

Zain Jordan is always at the forefront of technological advancements in the telecom sector, offering the latest available options to our clients, and is proud to continue fostering its partnership with Beecell on this innovative service, which allows for even more interaction with customers.

Since 2004, Beecell has been committed to providing innovative, reliable, and professional digital media services to over 40 mobile network operators in over 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. Beecell also acts as a mobile billing aggregator, enabling companies to take advantage of their connectivity with mobile operators, which results in quick time-to-market product launches.

On Roya TV Beecell Announces
the Launch of Digital Services for “Hekaya” Program


Amman- Jordan: Beecell, a leading Digital Media company in Jordan, is collaborating with local media network, Roya TV, to provide the operation of the competition show "Hekaya", airing currently on the channel during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Whereby, Beecell has created a comprehensive digital platform to fully support the entertainment program.

The entertainment program “Hekaya” is on air during the Holy Month of Ramadan, following the popular “Comedy Hour” on Roya TV, giving participants the opportunity to win many prizes, as well as winning a 2021 car. Participants are required to text “5” to the short code 98885 for an opportunity to take part in the show. Through this program, Beecell has launched the competition show through mobile operators in Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq, and is managing the overall operation of the application, creating a significant interest among target audience to participate.

“We are honored to be partnering with Roya TV, an organization that we consider as one of our valuable strategic partners,” commented Bashar Al Hantuoli Chief Executive Officer at Beecell. “Our experience in providing similar campaigns in the region has facilitated this collaboration, where our platform provides access to over 40 mobile operators through the MENA region.”

Since 2004, Beecell has been committed to providing innovative, reliable, and professional digital media services to over 40 mobile network operators in over 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. Beecell also acts as a mobile billing aggregator, enabling companies to take advantage of their connectivity with mobile operators, which results in quick time-to-market product launches.

Beecell Announces
Collaboration with Mabarret Um Al Hussein


Amman, Jordan (November 2020) – Beecell, the digital media services company, announced its contribution to the fifty sixth diplomatic crops bazaar which is held annually for the benefit of Mabarret Um Al Hussien.

In a press brief, Beecell publicized that its participation in this year’s bazaar will be through launching an SMS campaign to raise donations for the benefit of the institution encouraging people to participate and donate. In exchange for donations, participants will enter a charity draw to win promotional gifts provided by supporters and donors.

Mr. Bashar Al Hantuoli, Beecell’s CEO, confirmed the company’s participation in the charitable and noble effort for the benefit of Mabarret Um Al Hussein and enable it to commence its humanitarian role towards the targeted children. Mr. Hantouli further affirmed Beecell’s commitment towards the initiative by directly following up with the mobile operators to ensure the delivery of the promotional and donation messages to support the fund.
It is noteworthy that the annual diplomatic charitable corps bazaar of Mabarret Um Al Hussein will be implemented this year by charitable withdrawal method, after it could not be organized in its usual form due to COVID-19 current circumstance.

To donate, the sender needs to send a blank text message to the number 98869, and accordingly (1) Jordanian Dinar will be deducted from the donor’s balance as a donation to Mabarret Um Al Hussein that takes care of orphaned children who are victims of family dissolution.

In Ivory Coast Beecell Expanding its Coverage


Amman, Jordan (Sep 2020) – Beecell, the leading digital media company has expanded its services to reach the West Africa region; Ivory Coast, by providing value added services to mobile subscribers including mobile games, video content and other interactive services to Ivory Coast’s 25 million population with nearly 21 million of them being mobile phone subscribers.

Mr. Bashar Al-Hantouli, stated that Beecell’s expansion to launch its services in various countries such as the Ivory Coast will increase the company’s ability to penetrate the African continent markets where many of its markets are still virgin and have an immense potential to grow.

Beecell is one of the leading Digital Media companies, specialized in several Digital Media products including: Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) MENA region, Digital Content Production, 2D & 3D Animations – TV Production, Content Management and Aggregation, Digital Advertising and Social Media Management, E-Commerce, Data Management and Visualization, Bulk SMS, Interactive storytelling, Digital Transformation. Through its office and partners in 22 countries, Beecell is able to reach over 300 million mobile subscribers in the MENA region and Africa.

Beecell Launches “Text-to-Donate”
Service with King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Orange Jordan


Beecell, a leading digital media company in Jordan, has recently announced an agreement with the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Orange Jordan, to power a new “text-to-donate” service that enables Orange Mobile customers to easily send donations to underprivileged patients at the KHCF. This innovative approach highlights Beecell’s instant mobile payment solution and technologies, and is also part of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards supporting the local community.

This partnership will enable Orange subscribers to make their charitable donation with ease and convenience via their mobile devices starting February, where they have the option of donating JOD 1 through the short code 98851 and JOD 5 using 98853. On its part, Beecell is offering this service free of charge to the KHCF, which falls under their overall CSR strategy.

“We are very proud of our role in this initiative, and are happily offering our platform and connectivity to Orange and the KHCF free of charge,” commented Mr. Bashar Hantouli, Beecell CEO. He also added: “We prioritize the employment of effective solutions that enable Orange subscribers to easily make donations in order to have an effective role in saving the lives of cancer patients.”

Orange Jordan CEO, Thierry Marigny, said that this initiative embodies the company's commitment to support all society segments and promote giving and social solidarity, particularly by utilizing digital solutions to help more people.

"We are glad to join Beecell and King Hussein Cancer Foundation in providing easier ways to help others. This step falls within our social responsibility strategy that focuses on digital inclusion, empowering as many people as possible and helping them use technology for the progress and wellbeing of individuals and their local communities," Marigny added.

On her part, Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish, Director General of the KHCF, expressed her appreciation of Beecells direction towards supporting the fight against cancer, commenting: “We are pleased with the positive step taken by Beecell to allow Orange subscribers to benefit patients at the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), especially as the concept keeps pace with the prevailing lifestyle that relies on easy, accessible services through cell phones, as they are a significant part of our daily lives.

Since 2004, Beecell has been committed to providing innovative, reliable, and professional digital media services to over 40 mobile network operators in over 22 countries across the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. Beecell also acts as a mobile billing aggregator, enabling companies to take advantage of their connectivity with mobile operators, which results in quick time-to-market product launches.

Beecell Launches “Text-to-Donate”
Service with Orange Jordan to Support “Himmet Watan” Fund


Stemming from its national responsibility and keenness to support the government efforts to combat COVID-19, Beecell, a leading digital media company in Jordan, announced an agreement with Orange Jordan to power a new “text-to-donate” service that enables Orange Mobile customers to easily send donations to the Ministries of Health and Social Development.

The launch of this new service comes to assert the importance of technology in digital payments, as Beecell believes, especially amid calls for social distancing. It also reflects the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility initiatives that support the local community.

Through this partnership, Orange Jordan subscribers can support the “Himmet Watan” fund easily and conveniently from their mobile devices. Customers can donate JOD 1 to the Ministry of Health by sending (1) via SMS to 99077 or the Ministry of Social Development by sending (1) to 99370.
Beecell is offering this service free of charge to support Jordan's government in curbing the spread of this virus, by enabling Orange customers to send financial contributions to cover health and medical costs without any additional fees to any of the stakeholders.

Since 2004, Beecell has been committed to providing innovative, reliable, and professional digital media services to over 40 mobile network operators in over 22 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. Beecell also acts as a mobile billing aggregator, enabling companies to take advantage of their connectivity with mobile operators, which results in quick time-to-market product launches.

The Barcelona 2019 Mobile World Congress


Beecell Participates in the World’s Largest Telecommunication Event . February 2019, (Amman – Jordan); Leading digital mobile company; Beecell, participated in The 2019 Mobile World Congress; the largest Telecommunication event in the world which was held recently in Barcelona, Spain.

Partaking in the exhibition alongside 2400 participating companies and visited by 100,000 visitors from more than 200 countries, Beecell’s main objective to participate in the exhibition was to initiate access to new markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, as well as, offer mobile billing with operators currently connected to in 22 countries in the MENA region..

Mr. Bashar Al-Hantouli, Beecell CEO, stated, “Building on the successful result we reaped in the previous year’s participation, we had the pleasure of participating again in 2019 with greater results and more opportunities to introduce Beecell to companies around the world.” Mr. Al-Hantouli also added, “Surely the event this year was a success, and we are delighted to announce that we are signing several collaboration agreements that are serving our objectives as Beecell and more.”

Beecell launches Content Services in South Africa and Tunisia.


Amman, Jordan (August 2018) Leading Digital media company; Beecell is expanding its reach within the African Continent! After launching its services in Kenya earlier this year, Beecell is launching its services in South Africa and Tunisia.

Leveraging on Tunisia’s 3 mobile operators with 13 Million mobile subscribers, and South Africa’s 4 mobile operators with just over 90 Million mobile subscribes, Beecell will add over 100 million new potential subscribers to its services with these two markets.

By identifying gaming and entertainment services as the most popular and trending mobile content services today, Beecell outsources content suitable for different markets as well as develops its own content through its subsidiary Tomandora Productions.

Mr. Bashar Al-Hantouli, CEO of Beecell, stated: “Africa has a lot of potential for mobile value added services, most markets are virgin markets with a lot of potential to grow. We already offer our services in Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan, and Egypt, and we look forward to launching our services in more African countries in the near future.”

Beecell Launches Mymoonah Application.


Amman, Jordan (March 2018) Mymoonah is an edutainment platform consisting of multiple interactive applications targeting children from the age of 2 to 9 where learning is introduced in an entertaining manner.

“Mymoonah” is your assistant teacher that helps little ones understand school lessons in a fun and exciting way. It is a games store with many individual games that are designed to cover school subjects such as: addition, subtraction, spelling, reading, writing, counting, science, mathematics, and social skills.

While using “Mymoonah” parents can create their child’s profile and enter their names and upload their pictures to make the app experience more personal. Parents can also review their child’s performance history for each subject in order to keep track of how their child is progressing throughout the use of the application.

Mymoonah is available on iOS and Android mobile stores in four languages: Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

Mr. Bashar Al-Hantouli, CEO of Beecell, has expressed the company’s pleasure regarding the launch of the application by stating: “Maymoonah is different from traditional gaming platforms. It allows children to grow their creativity and imagination, and it will also help in improving children’s problem solving, reading, writing, and counting skills through the gaming experience. The fact that parents can monitor their children’s progress adds a lot of value to the application, allowing parents to focus on areas where their children need development the most, while discovering their children’s strong and innovative skills”

Beecell Launches Qanati Mobile Application.


Amman, Jordan (January, 2018) Qanati is a multi-channel live streaming and Video on demand application developed by Beecell. Users of the application will be able to watch their favorite TV shows, documentaries, cooking shows, comedies, and kid’s content on demand.

The bilingual application was developed to support both English and Arabic and is available on iOS and Google Play App stores, the Application was designed to offer an interactive and interesting user-friendly experience.

Features of Qanati Application, include the ability for users to share their favourite videos on social media, in addition to the offline viewing feature that allows users to download any video to watch offline without the need of internet connection. Qanati uses Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) to make it easier for mobile users to subscribe to the application through their mobile network operator.

Qanati is a VOD application that can be used as a white label application to showcase any brand. It was developed to be easily rebranded to host other brands, one of those brands is Tipsaty, the beauty and lifestyle show which was released last year.

Tomandora and Beecell collaborate to produce and market Tipsaty.


Amman, Jordan (May 2nd, 2017) – Tipsaty is a Tomandora production that was created with women needs in mind. It offers tips for women in different topics. The first season of Tipsaty is a step-by-step guide for makeup techniques and beauty tips geared towards younger women. Selma Ghezali teams up with a professional makeup artist to present these tips in HD video quality.

Tipsaty presents the basics of makeup application and many beauty tips that every woman needs to know for a healthy and glowing skin.

Beecell, which is the mother company of Tomandora, will be marketing Tipsaty production. The videos will be available on YouTube and on a mobile application that is branded as Tipsaty which is available for both Apple and Android users. The application is now released and can be downloaded for free from Apple and Google Play stores.

Through the dedicated mobile application for Tipsaty, subscribers can view user submitted videos demonstrating what they have learned from Tipsaty. Selma will comment on these videos and give her opinion on how the audience can improve their techniques with applying makeup and taking care of their skin.

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